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Welcome to PANCORP GLOBAL, a commercially focused firm providing integrated solutions in business advisory, management consulting, public accounting and tax practice. We are in the business of helping you strategically manage and grow your business. 

Our Aim

As trusted business partners to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), our aim is to help SMEs transform their vision into reality; help them become more proactive and responsible through insightful thinking and disciplined approach, an area where SMEs often lack such expertise and support to reap the untapped benefits.

Our Focus

Our key focus is to help SMEs develop and execute its strategy effectively; build value through deployment of strategic initiatives and operational enablers required to deliver this value; promote growth, performance and sustainability.

Our Advantage

Many SMEs fail to remain in business as they often do not look beyond engaging traditional accounting services that focus more on basic scorekeeping and compliance as opposed to partnering with a firm like ours to strategically build, manage, drive and sustain the business forward successfully.

We bring a multi-dimensional approach in parity with top tier consulting firms but with more efficacy and greater price affordability as we understand the dynamics and parameters of operating in an SME environment.

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Our Vision

Build a business with global approach that promotes inspiration, growth, value, sustainability and satisfaction to its stakeholders.

Our Purpose

Proactive use of capabilities that create a positive impact to shape our present and build for an enduring future.

Our Values

Our values provide a foundation and guide us through to completion of our ambitions. They aim to promote:

  • inspiration through enduring trusted relationships;

  • growth through insightful thinking and disciplined efforts;

  • value through operational excellence;

  • sustainability through innovation and transformation;

  • satisfaction through flexibility and recognition.


Our Experience

Our expertise is built upon extensive industry experience gained working within SMEs to large-global Fortune 500 companies. We take great pride in actively contributing to success stories of some of the top global brands.


We have worked alongside business leadership teams to support development and delivery of strategic and operational priorities critical to their business success.

Our Contribution

Key areas where we have successfully contributed include business alignment and strategy execution; performance measurement; analysis, insights and reporting; turnkey project financial management; business transformation and finance operational efficiency; leadership, compliance; mentoring and coaching.

Our Approach 

Our multi-dimensional expertise will assist your business to build growth, performance, value, success, prosperity and sustainability through focus on:

  • development and execution of strategic choices

  • sound financial management, control and compliance

  • building organisational capabilities to deliver value

  • optimising operational efficiency and business alignment

  • highly relevant insight and analysis into performance

Going Over Plans


Graduates Holding Diplomas

Our capabilities are highly developed, underpinned by continuous professional education and training; and affiliations to various professional bodies including:

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